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Zhong Nanshan: comrade to return ahead of three disease resistant protective Suggestions

Date: 2020-01-30

Early the first day of the return, compared with the mask shortage of scientific knowledge, protective consciousness more shortage!Please be sure to prepare personal protective measures.

An interview with reporters 28, the Chinese academy of engineering, director of the national center for respiratory system disease clinical research, the high level expert group leader zhong.Zhong said in an interview, epidemic situation should be at its peak in about a week or ten days.

Zhong: new coronavirus infection characteristics, and SARS is not the same.Virus infection significantly increased virulence.The disease is most typical fever, fatigue, part of a dry cough, a few have a runny nose stuffy nose, and a few have symptoms of gastrointestinal tract, and individual have cardiac muscle, gastrointestinal, and nervous system problems.

In addition, he also stressed: travel less as far as possible.Fever is still a new coronavirus the typical symptoms of infection.From a incubation period, the incubation period of the disease we are conducting a more accurate assessment of could be 3 to 7 days, generally no more than 14 days.If you must return, to participate in the work, please pay attention to the following.

Please be sure to prepare personal protective measures.Early on the first day of the return, however, compared with the mask shortage of science, more shortage protection consciousness!

A、Office space, which is a dangerous zone (mask)

A new type of coronavirus, mainly spread through droplets in the air.The exchange of personnel air does not flow, personnel density is bigger, more frequent, are high-risk areas.

According to the dangerous degree: 1. The elevator;2. The dining hall/restaurant;3. Office.Common show is the office, however, is the most people wearing masks, the meal, everyone crowded elevator went to dinner together, took off his mask.

Among the most at-risk: elevator.Elevator is where the air is extremely not flow, not superstition those "sanitised here" note.Only a certain concentration of alcohol soluble coronavirus outer membrane, alcohol is extremely volatile, however, unless someone every hour to alcohol disinfection of elevator, otherwise, stick a sanitised note purely self-delusion.And the danger of elevator is invisible, just someone leave after sneezing, coughing or do you think went into the empty elevator.

Zhong: common surgical masks, it is not able to stop the entry of coronavirus, because of its small particles.But wearing a mask is useful, because the mask is to prevent the spread of droplets and the coronavirus mainly attached on the droplets, it won't fly.These measures are appropriate.

Your working life, full of droplets, including your fingers covered with droplets push the elevator button.

Advice: 1, the elevator must be wearing a mask.2, conditions of unit must frequently for disinfection.Especially the button area.

High risk: canteen/restaurant.Packed line meal or dining area, traffic is the biggest, density is the highest region.Joked that you want to wear masks to dinner?Is scientific.

Advice: 1, sit down to eat the last minute to take off the mask.2, avoid face-to-face repast, avoid eating.3, avoid cluster repast.

Three: high-risk office.There are a lot of people place, higher risk of infection.

Advice: 1, wearing masks, keep a proper distance to talk.2, keep good ventilation.3, to door handles, keyboard mouse, stationery, desktop necessary alcohol disinfection.

B、Wash your hands often wash your hands often wash their hands three times (important)

1、To the unit, to wash your hands first.

2、Wash your hands before you eat,.

3、To the elevator, the dining hall of high-risk area, come back to wash their hands.

4、Out back, wash your hands immediately.

5、Before to contact his face, especially the nose and eyes, wash your hands first.

C、Alcohol disinfection of science

Like perfume sprinkled on yourself is meaningless.Is the key to our hands will be in contact with the parts and disinfected.Such as mobile phone, door handles, elevator buttons, mouse keyboard, bicycle handle, employee's card, stationery, chairs, etc., you see their actual situation, to identify and focus on disinfection.Alcohol to spraying cover, dry it naturally, don't have to wipe.

To highlight the above three points

Please combined with other authorities popular science propaganda, do a good job protection.

Zhong: I am still that sentence, public health events, including the plague, flu, ebola, too, are not paying attention to infect each other.Each other now start around the level of response, the purpose is to reduce the chance of infection.So everyone wearing a mask, in the workplace, go try to minimize the chance of infection, these are very effective measures.

Completes the protection measures, this is not just an individual affair, is also the whole society.We at the national level has been taking strong measures, especially the early discovery, early isolation, the two did it, we are confident enough to prevent the outbreak or back.